SMS Solutions for Health and Wellness Centers

sms solutions

People are always motivated to get fit and look good at the start of the year. Most of the time, it’s the result of a New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, research shows that more than 88% of these people lose this motivation after a month or so. The bigger question is: What can be done to encourage people to stick to their fitness goals?

A recent study revealed that social media plays a vital role in keeping people on track with their fitness goals. Since people always carry their phones with them, why not offer the same type of support through SMS? This way, health and wellness centers can ensure that their customers will receive and read their text messagesHere are a few ways in which gyms and spas can implement SMS services:


1. Personalized Messages

Acknowledge your customer on their first day at the gym or spa. You can send out a personalized message welcoming them to the start of their journey. You can also encourage them to come back through SMS reminders. Use motivational quotes to get them back on track. This also works wonders for customer retention.


2. Class Schedules and Programs

One of the most effective SMS solutions for fitness clubs and wellness spas is using text blasts to announce new class schedules and programs. You can encourage clients to enroll with keywords and even add tiny URLs to provide your client with additional information. The best part about SMS is that it’s fast and reliable, which means last minute changes can be quickly communicated.


3. Workout and Diet Plans

Workout plans adjust accordingly based on a person’s progress. Some people respond well to reminders about their workout – type of exercise, repetitions, and duration. You can send out scheduled texts to your clients just before their workout begins. Meanwhile, creating a new diet plan and sticking to it is more of a challenge. Send out meal reminders or shopping lists, including recipes and nutritional information.


4. Appointment Reminders

Avoid no-shows by automated appointment reminders. You can schedule text alerts months in advance and send them in a matter of minutes. Make sure to create lists for each of your classes to avoid any inconvenience. You can also offer last spots at a discounted price to maximize profits and improve attendance.


5. Coupons and Membership Deals

Customers always appreciate it when they are pampered and spoiled with freebies. In this case, SMS promotions are highly irresistible. Health and wellness centers can make use of codes or, keywords for redeemable rewards. This is also an effective way to make clients feel good by recognizing them for their work.



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