Three Ways to Use Auto Reply Text Messages

Automated message replies are vital for any business. Consumers expect a response quickly. People have high expectations from companies and if those are not met, it will be difficult to win them back. Auto replies provide a great opportunity to keep in touch with your audience while not being overwhelmed to manually respond.

It also helps temper expectations. Auto replies are useful when it comes to setting a timeline in managing queries. It allows you to be open to your audience, which they will appreciate. Giving prompt responses is important, especially if you want to keep your customers happy.

Here are some moments where an automatic response is handy:


1. Welcoming new clients

One way to make your audience feel like they’re being looked out for is to send a welcome message. It’s a great way to engage with your recipients and make a good impression. This can be done after they subscribe to your service or register on your site.

Your message can be a good way to direct them to the various offers you provide. It’s an opportunity to let them know about the benefits you can give to them.


2. Thanking customers

Expressing your gratitude towards your customers is a great way to maintain a cordial relationship with them. You can thank them for choosing your business or after they buy something. It is a chance to show your brand’s personality.

It can also be a good way to give them steps on what to do next. This can be directing them to sales promotions or to encourage them to check out your other products.


3. Responding to queries and concerns

It’s critical to respond to customer’s queries, but it’s difficult to get to all messages immediately. Sending an automatic response first is a good way to let them know that the matter will be looked into.

This is also a good opportunity to let them know how soon customer support can help with their issue. Be specific when setting a timeframe in terms of hours, days, or even weeks. Auto replies help to set their expectations, which can help lessen their impatience.


You can also use auto replies as a way to offer other contact options. The SMS can give other means, like a hotline number or your email address. These options may be easier when it comes to more complex queries. An automated SMS response can give those options to the client.

With all of these in mind, automated replies do get some flack. Sometimes they may come across as impersonal or inappropriate. However, there are tools like ZERIX Text, which allows for more personalized responses. These tools can help keep the responses from sounding robotic.

ZERIX Text comes with an automatic message reply system. It retrieves dynamic info from your database and allows our clients to send a personalized response to their recipients. This helps create more meaningful contact with your audience, giving you a leg up from your competitors.



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