Using SMS Marketing to Perform Marketing Content Audit

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Many companies use text based or SMS messaging systems to send their marketing promotions directly to their target customers. SMS-based marketing has been used in customer service and operations as well. To be more environmentally-friendly, there are companies who use SMS systems to manage the queues in their stores and service centers. Customers are given their queue numbers via SMS. This method is more practical and diminishes the problem of client losing the pieces of paper with their waiting numbers.


However, a great way to use SMS-based marketing is to link to the companies’ social media channels and not just to the brand’s direct website. Social media platforms such as

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Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn are used by businesses to connect and to build stronger engagement rates with their audience.

The general public uses these channels and this means that almost everyone has the apps for the channels they regularly use. Marketing experts know that this is a fact but rarely do they realize that they can use SMS-based marketing to analyse which marketing content generates the most engagement, impressions, shares and likes.


A useful tip a marketing specialist can do is to send out a link via SMS marketing to a content that can be viewed in various social media platforms. After that, an audit can be done to check which channel has the most successful engagements and confirmed sales or revenue.

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A unique promo code can be given to the users of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in order to check which social media tool is the most successful for launching a specific marketing content; especially for content which is sales-driven. Another advantage of having an SMS based marketing tool is that the growth of the audience of the various social media channels of a company can also be improved. By using SMS-based marketing as it is a great way to test a new target audience’s impression to a brand’s marketing contents and to grow the database in the process.


So aside from just using direct SMS to respond to your customers’ needs, you can now perform marketing audits too for your social media channels and content. It is never enough to just post a multitude of content in several social media platform because that could lead to wasted time and effort. A true marketing professional knows that to work smarter is to post the right content which will elicit the right response from your target customer base.




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