Why Some Companies Fail in SMS Marketing


SMS marketing texts

Almost every other company in this competitive market is vying for their customer’s attention. And getting a customer’s attention is not easy in a world that is full of consumer brands which invests millions in ensuring that their brand awareness campaigns will always be visible to the market.

That is why businesses use SMS marketing to have direct contact with their customers. However, many organizations stop their SMS marketing programs after the first few tries because they claim that it simply does not work. Their forecasted ROI (Return of Investment) just did not materialize. So what could have gone wrong?

Sending messages which are simply boring

Go inside any mall and you will be surrounded by a barrage of unique logos, catchy slogans, and colorful images which all aim to capture your interest. Your SMS marketing texts should never be worded in such a way wherein a customer will not even bother to read after the first two lines.

Avoid highfalutin words, technical terms and sentences which are very basic or common. An SMS saying, “Our restaurant has the best fried chicken in town” is just an ordinary statement that many restaurants can easily claim that as well. But if you say, “Our newest restaurant serves the highly-reviewed, multi-awarded and freshly-made, organic fried chicken that is the talk of the town!” then the customer’s interest will be perked up.


Not using any Call To Action

Many businesses fail to remember that using SMS with calls to action is the way to keep its customer’s attention and to elicit an immediate response. Without a call to action, an SMS is just any other text. What would make a customer remember you and what you just said? A call to action SMS like “Register as a member today and enjoy 50% for your first purchase” will improve your response and capture rate versus than just sending an SMS saying that the recipient of the text needs to register in your website today.

If you are planning to launch an SMS campaign, take note of these two very common mistakes which many companies are unfortunately guilty of. Remember to keep the SMS you send to your customers interesting and try to include a call to action.




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