CRM and SMS-based Marketing

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The rise of the internet and the massive impact of social media has resulted to a power shift. A few decades ago, businesses dictate what the customers should like, what they need and and want to use and what products and services they can patronize. Now, the power lies in the hands of the consumers. Globalization has led to tough competition wherein brands clamour to grab the attention of the customers who in turn, have the capability to find almost any information about what they are interested in. This freedom of choice can either make or break the relationship you need to build and maintain with your customers. This is where you can use CRM strategies together with a great SMS-based marketing system so that you can engage buyers in order to boost revenues and profits. To effectively link CRM data and processes with a text-based marketing program is to increase customer retention and loyalty.


SMS-based Marketing

Here are two ways in how to link CRM with SMS-based marketing tools.


It is never a great idea to just assume that once a customer buys your product that they will continue to return to your website and purchase again. Stop assuming and start acknowledging those who have chosen your brand. Use your SMS-based marketing system to send text blasts to all the customers who have purchased from your company for the past 3 to 6 months. You can also use your CRM data to build a VIP list which is basically your customers with the highest spending. By using an SMS-based sms three girlsmarketing  campaign to continually make them feel special, you are actually using a form of leverage on their power to spread positive reviews to their connections about your company. And let us face it, word of mouth is still one of the most effective marketing strategies.


It is also equally important to tap the customers who have shown great interest and who have had successful engagements with you but their presence in your CRM has not translated to actual sales. Convert their interest into profit by offering for them special discounts and value-added deals by simply sending promo codes via SMS. This will also allow you to gauge these dormant accounts’ spending power and potential. If they do respond to your SMS-based promotional campaigns, make sure to maintain a healthy relationship with them so they know that you appreciate the time and effort they spent in choosing your brand.


All in all, SMS-based marketing systems can really boost your CRM’s strength growing and maintaining customer retention and loyalty.



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