Four Ways To Incorporate SMS in Any Business

SMS is a versatile and easy way to reach any audience. Sending a text has become part of daily life. Of course, it can also be very useful for business communications. With any mode of communication, text comes with its pros and cons but there is no doubt that it is among the fastest way to reach a group.

Its usefulness has been seen in various ways. From SMS campaigns to internal communications, the impact of SMS cannot be denied. Text messages have a 200% higher response rate than other means like social media, email, chat bots. The average open rate for SMS can be as high as 98%. As of January 2021, there were 152.4 million mobile connections in the country. SMS is a communication tool that can prove to be indispensable.

Here are just a few ways that a business can use SMS in their operations.

1. Promo Announcements

A reason why customers choose to opt in to a brand’s SMS list is for potential coupons or deals. Texting is an ideal way to announce a sale or to give discount vouchers/codes. This is especially true for limited-time offers as text is ideal for fast communication.

2. Surveys/polls

Text can also be used to conduct surveys or polls. This is useful when you need feedback quickly and need to reach a wide audience. SMS has a very high open and response rate vs other means like email or social media, which makes this is a useful tool to tap into. Software like ZERIX Text makes SMS surveys easy: respondents simply need to type the relevant keywords. You can get immediate results with a text.

3. Emergency Announcements

In times of emergency situations like natural calamities or other urgent concerns, a text blast can be critical. SMS blasts are ideal for immediate communication so people receive the message almost immediately. This can be crucial in informing people of an important update or even making sure that people get to safety. Time is of the essence and a simple SMS blast can be vital.

4. Scheduling Changes

If you have a scheduled event such as an appointment or meeting, a quick way to update people is through text. This can be done when announcing a change in schedule or other important reminders. If you run a service, it’s a professional way to reach your customer almost instantly. For internal communications, this is also a good way to remind staff about any scheduling changes.


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