Four Ways to Use SMS Communication in the Time of COVID-19

sms new normal

We can’t underestimate how COVID-19 has changed everything, including how we communicate. There has been a great shift from in-person contact to digital, screen-based contact. The need for speedy and digital communication is more crucial than ever before. The “new normal” won’t simply vanish even when the pandemic is over.

This is why SMS messaging is handy, especially in times of crisis. When people are social distancing and many are opting to work from home, the old ways won’t cut it. We need to look for flexible and easy ways to communicate. ZERIX Text is a business communication tool that uses SMS to allow our partners to reach who they need to reach. The platform is easy-to-navigate and all it takes is a computer, USB GSM Modem, and the ZERIX software.


Here are some ways you can use ZERIX Text:


  • Emergency text blasts

Texting is vital when you need to announce something quickly. It is especially handy for emergencies. 88% of text messages are read, which is what you need when you need to reach people fast. Make SMS blasts a part of your disaster emergency response. Clear communication is vital in times of crisis. Organizations, including governments and other services, should be flexible in their communication. SMS is one way to reach people directly and is one of the most effective ways to ensure that they actually read what you have to say.


  • Order Tracking via Text

It feels like almost everyone is shopping online these days. It is convenient, safer, and can be hassle-free. Some, however, still do have apprehensions in terms of logistics and when they’ll receive their orders. Give customers peace of mind by providing order tracking via text. This gives the relevant information to your consumers. It also helps make the transaction run more smoothly than without it.


  • Marketing

Text can also be used as part of a marketing strategy. 81% of the global population have access to a mobile phone. It makes sense to try to reach your audience via a tool that they most likely have and are familiar with. Texting is a personal and cheap way to market a new product or service. It’s a versatile and customizable tool that can help fulfill your marketing needs.


  • Internal communication

SMS has never been more handy than it is now. More and more people are choosing satellite working if they are able to. This requires getting creative with communication. Even if your team is working from home, you still need to stay in contact with them; there are numerous ways to keep in touch without having to see each other face-to-face. For longer meetings, video conference tools like Zoom are a great option. But this isn’t the only way. Sometimes, you need to inform them something quickly. Other times, you only need their immediate feedback. SMS is a fast and easy way for sending urgent communication or when you require immediate responses. Whether you have a company-wide announcement to make or require a fast reply from your co-workers, SMS can be the best option.



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