Ways to Use Text Blast

Mobile Marketing Text Blast

An astounding 98% of the population has the technology to receive a text blast. This is why mobile marketing is an efficient and effective tool in business. It can simultaneously reach everyone at an intimate and immediate way.

Research shows that 90% of Americans keep their phones within reach at all times of the day. It also reveals that most people tend to reach for their phones as soon as they are notified of an incoming message.

As a result, 94% of text messages are opened and read within three minutes of receipt compared to just 22% for email. Sending text messages leads to greater community engagement, stronger brand loyalty, and better revenues. If you want to achieve these, here are ways to use text blast:

1. Reminders

Any business that schedules appointments can benefit from text blast services. Whether it be a medical clinic, wellness spa, repair shop or hair salon, text messages are much more direct. They can save you a great deal of time and effort instead of manually making calls every day.

2. Alerts

Send out emergency alerts that customers need to be aware of. You may also send out non-emergency alerts to notify your clients about scheduling changes, weather delays, cancellations, and new products among others.

3. Coupons/Incentives

Coupons and incentives are a great way to build your contact list in the form of special discounts. This is also a great opportunity to acquire new customers on a slower business day or encourage repeat clients.

4. Polls

Text blast is also a great way to gather information about your business. You can generate answers by asking your customers about their favorite product or service and what they’d like to see more of.

5. Feedback

Text blast services enable you to receive inbound messages from customers, which is a convenient tool for receiving critical comments and suggestions on your business.

6. URL

It has been reported that text blasts containing tiny URLs have a higher click-through rate than emails containing the same URLs. This is an important consideration when marketing to a specific demographic. The 15-25 years old age group is considered to be one of the most valuable consumers. However, they are also one of the hardest to engage.


Our mobile devices are becoming more and more important every single day. Due to their growing list of functions and features, majority of businesses have used various mobile marketing strategies in recent years. These tools need to be taken advantage of in order to thrive in today’s tech savvy society.



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