SMS: A Must-Have for Customer Support

SMS is a very useful tool in business communications, including customer service. It gives both businesses and customers a quick and easy way to contact each other. The instant nature of SMS makes it an ideal channel for various needs. This sets SMS apart from other modes of communication like email.

Texting is fast, efficient, and affordable. It’s convenient and ideal for these busy times. One study reported that 93% of US consumers prefer to text with businesses. The youth preferring text over phone calls has even become a widespread meme and “phone anxiety” is often the culprit. Meanwhile, text allows for clearer messages. People are able to state their point more effectively.

SMS can be used in a host of ways for customer support. From pre-order to delivery to troubleshooting. Some ideas include:

1. Order Problems Resolutions

Businesses can provide strong customer support by opening up two-way text services. SMS is a useful platform for customers to send their issues and concerns. It is one way to ensure faster and more convenient resolution, as long as customer agents are properly trained. People want quick solutions to their issues and many do not have the patience to wait for a customer service rep. Text can be the best way to resolve customers’ concerns.

2. Order and Delivery Updates

SMS can also be used to send order status, tracking details, and other updates. Texting is a quick and easy way to send necessary notifications so that customers are made aware of every step of their orders

3. Alerts

Service businesses can take advantage of the ease and immediacy of SMS for sending vital alerts. These include appointment times, meeting requirements, and other important information that clients may need to remember. Two-way text can also be employed so that both businesses and customers can easily reschedule or cancel bookings.

There are a few key practices to keep in mind when implementing SMS for customer support. These can help maximize SMS and ensure a smooth customer experience.

1. Personalize the message.

SMS automation is the best way to keep service workflows seamless, but that does not mean that the messages should sound robotic. Aim for a personal touch by including the customer’s name and specific details about their query. It is important to make the customer feel like they are being listened to.

2. Keep it short and sweet.

Do not overwhelm customers with lengthy messages. Keep them direct and clear with only the vital details.

3. Always provide a clear call to action.

Calls to action can be confirming bookings, clicking a link, or typing the relevant keywords. Always make sure to let the customer know what to do. This will help ensure a smoother process. This may also prevent any delays.

4. Customer consent before anything else.

Before sending any text, whether it’s for customer service or marketing purposes, be sure that the customers have opted in. Obtain their permission before sending text for legality reasons but also for more effective performance of SMS.

One SMS platform that can help businesses achieve their customer service goals through text is ZerixText. ZerixText saves clients time, money, and stress. Clients are able to send text blasts, host electronic raffles, use polls, and reach customers easily. Its key features are both effortless and intuitive, allowing businesses to collect data anywhere at any time. ZerixText simplifies an already simple process.

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