A Quick Guide to SMS Marketing

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SMS marketing is the most effective and efficient way to reach everyone because 98% of the population owns a mobile device. Research shows that most people keep their mobile devices within reach at all times of the day. Furthermore, they tend to check their phones as soon as they are notified of an incoming message.

SMS marketing uses a channel of communication that almost all of us are familiar with. You do not necessarily have to possess any special technical skills to send a text message, design a creative advertisement or even write an attention-grabbing headline for your message to be read.


Features to Look for in a Text Blast Service

No matter what text blast service you use, you are probably aware that some software applications are better than others for specific purposes. The best SMS marketing software has certain features that can make your mobile marketing experience easier, cheaper to use, and more effective. These features include:

1. The option to save sent messages as templates so that you can use them again for future messages. This saves you time and effort in composing the same message multiple times if you run recurring campaigns.

2. The option to divide your list of contacts into groups. You can avoid wastage while reducing your marketing costs by filtering your recipient list. Try sending a text blast message from a computer to only those people for whom it is relevant.

3. The option to complement or entirely replace plain text messages with multimedia files such as images, audio, and video to increase the impact of your messages. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

4. The option to personalize your text messages with the recipients’ names. This particular feature helps to develop intimacy and foster a relationship between the organization and the recipient.

5. The option to incorporate tiny URLs into your text message or attach digital coupons and QR codes. When attached to a text blast, digital coupons have a redemption rate up to eight times higher than when attached to an email.


In today’s tech-savvy world, text blast marketing proves to be an essential and convenient tool in every business owner’s toolkit, regardless of the industry. As many company executives and organization leaders will confirm, marketing is not simply about getting your message heard. It is about generating engagement, developing brand awareness and increasing purchasing intent.



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