Where Can SMS Marketing Be Applied? – Part Two

text message marketing

In the previous article, we’ve discussed some of the industries that use SMS as part of their marketing strategy. These industries include retail, restaurants and hotels, health and wellness establishments, travel, and real estate.

We’ve also mentioned that SMS marketing can be applied in many other industries. In fact, nearly every industry utilizes this platform in order to build their brand and expand their customer base.


This convenient tool helps people grow their business by fostering brand awareness and encouraging customer engagement to increase sales. To prove our point, here’s another list of industries where SMS marketing can be applied:


1. Healthcare

Clinics and hospitals definitely reap great benefits from running SMS campaigns. Part of the program involves sending out appointment reminders to patients, which results in a significant decrease in missed appointments. Doctors and healthcare providers can also offer additional care and assistance by texting their patients and answering questions.


2. Insurance Agencies

Even finance and insurance companies take advantage of SMS in order to provide excellent customer service in case of emergencies. Text messages contain detailed instructions and allow clients to communicate with a live agent for an immediate response. It can also be used to provide some counseling, which may help avoid future problems.


3. Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies and HR departments are now using SMS to get in touch with potential job candidates. Since the open rate for text messages is much higher than emails, interview invites are usually sent via SMS. Companies can send out appointment reminders at least a day before the scheduled interview. They can also extend a thank you message to the applicant for taking the time to come in for an interview. Some include other details like when to expect a feedback or confirmation.


4. Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations have also benefited from the persuasive power of texting. Text-to-give campaigns are becoming increasingly popular nowadays due to their success in raising funds. However, nonprofit organizations should not only focus on increasing charity event sales. More importantly, they must also raise awareness and provide relevant information on various causes.


5. Education Sector

The newest and probably one of the most revolutionary uses for SMS is found in schools. Technology has definitely changed the way we live and even the way we learn. Teachers can skip weekly meetings by communicating with parents and students through their phones instead. Announcements on upcoming holidays, test dates, and parent-teacher conferences can be relayed through text.



Almost 90% of the world’s population carries a mobile device 24/7. By taking advantage of this information, we can therefore conclude that SMS marketing is a great way to engage your audience and provide them with useful information. Remember, the key to better investment returns is following best practices at all times.



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