Three Ideas for Affordable and Easy Data Gathering

Research and data colletion is vital for any business to succeed. With that said, they can often be costly and time-consuming to conduct. Certain tools and methods are often required and those expenses can add up. Fortunately, there are many options that provide reliable and cost-effective data collection. While it’s always good to invest in research, sometimes a business may need something quick for a campaign or launch.

These options can still provide you with relevant data that can bring about some powerful insights. Businesses can use these tools to learn more about their audience. Research and data can help businesses discover opportunities and even threats.

Here are some data gathering tools that are affordable and easy to use.

1. Online Surveys

Surveys are a great way to collect answers from respondents quickly. They can also be sent to a wide array of people. Having it done online makes it even more convenient. They are also user-friendly and data are ready instantly.

Online surveys are useful for quantitative research. You can ask the audience anything that is relevant to your research. It can even be used for qualitative research, as some tools allow respondents to write their own answers. There are free resources online to conduct your own surveys.

2. Case Studies

Secondary data is still useful and can help a business gleam relevant insights. One form of secondary data is a case study. Case studies are published research that follow a specific subject like an event or a group. These will often be conducted extensively using both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Using case studies is handy for researchers wanting to learn about a topic that already has information available. Case studies from reputable sources offer credibility and accurate data. This is more cost-effective than directing primary research on your own.

3. SMS

SMS text can also be used to gather data. It can be used for surveys and polls. It can even be used as a vessel for a link to an online survey. SMS is cheap, easy, and very fast. It’s an effective way to reach your audience. SMS has very high open rates, especially compared to other means like email. This means that your audience will see your message. This ensures that you will receive responses promptly.

A platform like ZERIX Text is a great partner to have for data gathering. ZERIX provides fully-automated data collection so you can collect data anywhere, anytime. The tool allows you to create simple forms with customizable text fields. Data collection has never been easier.


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