Three More Ways to Use SMS Data Collection

Using SMS for data collection is an underrated way to gather data. SMS is versatile, so the options are almost limitless. Mobile phones have become vital in surviving this day and age. SMS is among the most used form of communication and one’s phone is a powerful tool. People are more likely to read a text message than with other means of communication.

Companies and marketers have used SMS to great effect. Whether it’s for promoting a new product or asking for feedback, SMS can be used in a whole host of ways. Tools like ZERIX Text can help you create easy to fill out forms with customizable text fields. There’s no need to be an expert; virtually anyone will be able to use this feature. This is handy so your audience can just enter their answers into those fields. It simplifies data collection.

Here are three more ways you can use SMS for data collection:

1. Surveys

There is no better way to collect feedback in real-time than through SMS. Brands and businesses can simply fire away their questions, from multiple choice to yes or no questions. Surveys can be used for product satisfaction insights or competitive research. Platforms like ZERIX Text allows you the flexibility to ask your audience for information that is important to your business goals.

2. Applications

Setting up an application for a membership or for a new job can be time-consuming. SMS is an ideal option for those wanting something simple and cost-effective. You don’t need to set up your own application platform or website. Simply create message forms that will help you gather the right data. It’s easy for both the applicants and the ones receiving the applications.

3. Event RSVP

If your business is setting up an event, text can be used to gather RSVPs. An RSVP is crucial for event-planning. So what better way to reach your audience than through text? SMS is ideal for urgent contact and for those needing quick replies. SMS has a high open rate of up to 98%. Response times are also much faster than other means like e-mails, making it ideal for those situations that need pressing feedback.


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