Why Businesses Should Have Text Alerts for Queuing Management

The pandemic will not go away anytime soon so restaurants and other retail or services need to find ways to adapt. Crowds are still discouraged and one reason crowds form is due to poor queuing or lining systems. Businesses should come up with alternatives to lining up. This is where text alerts for queuing management come in.

Text alerts gives updates on a person’s waiting time. It also informs them when they are ready to be served. These updates and notifications are sent via SMS. This not only helps reduce waiting lines, but also gives your customers freedom to wait wherever they want.

Here are the key reasons why businesses should use text alerts for queue management.

1. Lessen crowding in waiting areas

Text alerts help to avoid people crowding together while waiting for their turn. This aids with social distancing, which is a priority in this day and age. It gives your clients more control over their time. This also benefits the staff, who can focus on serving the customers without worrying over crowd control.

2. Reduce wait times

No one likes waiting. A benefit to enabling a text queue system is that it can actually help lessen wait times. Most clients have limited time to wait before they move on to another business. Long wait times results to lost business opportunities.

Having a text alert for queuing helps give you greater control over crowd management. Staff can be more focused on serving clients instead of being distracted with people impatiently waiting for their turn. The text alerts also gives waiting customers the flexibility to wait where they want instead of being stuck in line.

3. Update on delays

Text alerts gives you the best chance to reach your audience quickly. Text has high read and response rates. Around 81% of the global population have access to a mobile phone. These factors make SMS an ideal platform for urgent information. If you need to inform a client of a change in schedule, a text message is one of the best ways to get their attention.

ZERIX Text is a powerful text messaging solution that offers text alerts for queue management. This feature increases business’ efficiency and promotes a positive experience for both clients and staff.


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