Three Key Benefits to Using ZerixText This 2021

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The pandemic has forced businesses to be more creative when it comes to communication. Tools like Zoom rose in prominence. An ideal option for keeping in touch with one’s team is SMS. ZERIX Text is an SMS messaging tool that allows people to send and receive text messages using a company server or personal computer. ZERIX is trusted by many companies to enhance their business communications. It is versatile and ideal when you need to communicate something quickly.

While 2020 is behind us, if it taught us anything, it is that we can’t be complacent. Businesses need to be ready for the unexpected. Many workers still have to work from home. The opportunities that ZERIX gives can be useful in the coming months.

Here are some of the key benefits of using ZERIX Text.


1. Time-saver

Sending a message via ZERIX is a fast process. ZERIX simplifies communication and allows you to reach a large volume of people instantly. 88% of text messages are read; response rates also tend to be faster. Thus, SMS is ideal for urgent announcements and is an efficient way to keep business communication running smoothly.


2. Easy-to-use

ZERIX has an easy-to-use software with streamlined implementation. It’s easy to install and user-friendly, even for people who may not be tech-savvy. The platform is as simple to use as it is to send an email.

There are many ways to use SMS, from monitoring staff attendance to informing them of meetings. And ZERIX is not just for internal communications; you can use the tool to reach clients. It opens up 2-way messaging and can be used for marketing or surveying.


3. Cost-effective

Text tends to be cheaper than other means of digital communication. ZERIX offers competitive pricing that will suit many companies and organizations. The versatility of SMS combined with its affordable pricing is what makes ZERIX appealing to our clients. Whether they use ZERIX for their teams or for reaching their target audience (or both), ZERIX is their trusted partner.



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