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SMS Marketing

Did you know that we check our phones an average of 80 times a day? This does not come as a surprise due to the impact and influence of the Internet and social media. All types of information are now available at our fingertips. The point is that we’ve become dependent on our phones, which isn’t entirely a bad thing as it opens the door for testing new mediums for companies to reach customers.

At this very competitive day and age, a company must be able to thrive among hundreds and thousands of various existing brands and to do so, one must engage in efficient and effective marketing. This is where short message system or SMS marketing comes in.

SMS marketing is a technique that uses text messages to send promotional campaigns, which are mostly meant to communicate time-sensitive offers and updates to customers with the ultimate goal of driving sales. So what are the advantages of SMS marketing?


Well, here are some:

Immediate delivery. Overall, SMS marketing is fast. Once you hit ‘send’, your message goes out instantly. You can set up a campaign and have hundreds of clicks within minutes whether people are on vacation or on the go.

Engagement rate. Texting has by far the best engagement rate out of any marketing medium. Emails can sit unread for days, phone calls can go unanswered, but text messages are almost always read immediately after they’re sent. The likelihood of getting your message to the intended target is vastly high.

Interactive content. Mobile messaging enables you to receive quick feedback from your recipients by tapping on the ‘reply’ button or clicking on your link. You can deliver short, simple messages that direct subscribers back to your site.

Personal touch. Sending a text message via your mobile device gives you an informal opportunity to personalize the content. You can use a warmer tone when addressing your audience. For example, using words like “you” and “friend” can prove to be great techniques for driving engagement.

Trackable platform. You can easily track who opened your message, what links they clicked, and who ignored it altogether. There are countless texting platforms that allow you to manage your campaign from your desktop and there are certain ways to help you track each step in the conversion process.


The opportunities with SMS are indeed endless. Thanks to advancements in technology, SMS marketing has proven to be a convenient tool for business owners to foster brand awareness while ensuring relevant engagement and building customer loyalty.



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