Smart Tips and Tricks When Using SMS Marketing

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So your company has decided to use SMS-based marketing strategies to reach out to your customer base. But it seems that something is not right after all you have invested in the project. The return rate is not high and you are beginning to think that the recipients are just deleting the messages you have carefully created. If this is happening to you, then you can use these clever but really simple tricks to help you reach your goals when you send out your SMS blasts.


Here are the three tips that are quite simple but are very effective ideas to make use of SMS marketing as a major tool to reach out to your client base:

Unique and Interesting URL’s

When you send an SMS telling your customers to log on to your website so that they can get the latest promo codes and enjoy discounts, do you send them a long link or worse, a shortened link that looks like this “”? By creating a customized and, ultimately, a more interesting link like “newtoys.ny/top5”, your customers are more likely to go to use that link and to remember the SMS. Refrain from using “ugly” and long URL’s which just makes your SMS blasts longer and your call to action to appear boring.


Setting Time-Based Incentives

If you want to see instant results and improve the percentage rate of engagement in the list of customers who have received your SMS blasts, use time-based incentives. This is as simple as giving away promo codes or special discounts to the first 100 customers who register as new members in your website or giving away prizes to the first 50 entries in your contest.


Make It Personal

There is nothing more personal than sending SMS to your clients during their most special day. Instead of generic messages like; “Dear Valued Client, we have an on-going promotion this week”, use a more personal tone such as, “Hey, James, today is your birthday and we have presented you with a S50 e-card that you can use during your birthday month!”. By simply including your clients’ names in the SMS, it gives them the feeling that you are not just a brand but a friend.

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