Four Ways to Integrate SMS in an Omnichannel Approach

SMS is a versatile tool and can be used in a host of ways. Business communication and marketing strategies can benefit from incorporating text. Using SMS is a fast, cheap and easy way to reach your audience. As text messages have a 200% higher response rate than other means like email, chatbots, and instant messaging, text is an ideal way to communicate with the right audiences.

Yet, this does not mean that business should only resort to using one channel at a time. In this age, an omnichannel approach is ideal for reaching the desired people and for getting their message across. Businesses need to be able to use all platforms seamlessly for the best customer experience. It is all about taking advantage of each channel’s strengths. On top of that, it is vital to make those tools work together to create a smooth customer journey.

Here are some ways businesses can integrate SMS in their marketing or communication plans.

1. Push notifications

Businesses can opt for push SMS notifications so that users can still receive updates and offers. Users can choose to opt in to this service if they are interested in more means of contact. They can be prompted to do so via a business’s website or social media content. Push notifications are useful for appointment reminders, announcements of new sales, and other urgent reminders.

Text is ideal for push notifications as 90% of messages are opened and read within 3 minutes of delivery. The instant nature of SMS makes it handy for pressing updates. It is an engaging channel due to its more personal nature. If a business needs to inform their audiences about something quickly, SMS is often the most effective way.

2. Support ad campaigns

SMS can be used to support any ad campaign. As SMS can be personalized, it’s a great way to reach out to audiences about product launches or promos. It can be used to complement running ads on TV or on social media.

The data from SMS campaigns can also be used for targeted ad campaigns. SMS platforms like ZERIXText allows businesses to tap into a rich resource of data, the information gathered can be applied for different purposes. One of which is creating accurate targeting groups from the data gathered via SMS.

3. Provide short codes

Businesses can provide SMS short codes in other materials, like posters or social media ads. Audiences can then use these keywords to engage via SMS. And to highlight the versatility of SMS, businesses can use this feature in different ways.

Here are some creative ways to adopt SMS short codes:

  • Enter contests
  • Answer polls or surveys
  • Request for information
  • Promo alerts
  • Interactive activities like quizzes
  • RSVP for events

4. Customer support

SMS offers a convenient way to help customers with their concerns. A multi-channel customer service is vital in this digital age. It cuts the effort on clients’ part if businesses provide options. It is crucial to provide easy ways for clients to reach the business. And what is more convenient than text?

Automated responses can be applied. Clients can simply text short codes to get answers to FAQs and other concerns. Text can also be a means for further escalation. This is most useful for cases that need more direct attention.


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