How to Communicate With Your Employees During COVID-19

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As many regions are in the midst of strong lockdowns again, communication is critical. Offices have adopted to work from home schemes. This will continue to be the trend for the foreseeable future.

Communication during a crisis is crucial to get right. Business leaders must communicate with urgency and transparency. People are naturally anxious about these times, and it is vital that companies are honest and clear. Be open about schedules, working conditions, and how the company will address various issues.

Here are some ways to communicate well with your staff.


1. Communicate frequently

One way to calm down people’s uncertainties is through frequent communication. Give constant updates. Be on top of the news so that no one is left to guess how to move forward. Updates can be as simple as a group chat message. They can be brief and to the point. What’s important is that you are always present, even when everyone is working from home. Frequent communication helps to dispel people’s fears and anxieties.


2. Experiment with different productivity and communication tools

Workers want to be productive, even when they’re at home. People are familiar with Zoom conferences, but there are other tools that promote communication and productivity.

Time-tracking tools and software are useful for taking down time spent at work. It’s ideal for keeping track of the hours spent on certain projects. These tools are useful for payroll and attendance. They also help increase efficiency and productivity, especially in remote working.

Zoom fatigue is a new phenomenon that both students and professionals have experienced. This pertains to the feeling of burnout or tiredness that comes after people overuse these digital tools. This is especially true for video chat platforms.

Not all announcements need to be made over a videoconference. One way to combat fatigue is to use other means, like phone calls or emails for simpler communication. SMS text is another easy way to contact others. It’s fast and ideal for short or urgent announcements. It’s useful to keep staff informed in a jiffy.


3. Open two-way communication channels

Communication is not a one-way street. Businesses should also encourage staff to voice their own views. They should not be afraid to address their concerns. Listening to them can help to improve any gaps in a certain process. Giving them a platform also helps them to feel like they are being prioritized.


Companies can set-up a special hotline or email address for workers to use. SMS Messaging is also a great tool for this function. Staff can reach their managers or to HR directly through SMS. SMS platforms like ZERIX Text can even be used for surveys and polling. Surveys are a great way to let your employees express their thoughts and views on any situation. Businesses can learn a great deal from their workers’ views.



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