Text Blast: How It Works

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Many companies use text blast in order to send messages to hundreds or thousands of subscribers at once. It is commonly used in the retail industry as a key part of a mobile marketing strategy. However, other organizations also utilize text blasts in order to generate engagement and build relationships within their communities.


What is text blast?

It is used to describe a short message service (SMS) that is sent to multiple phone numbers through an automated messaging system. It is simple, cost-efficient, and effective at reaching a large number of people than any other medium of communication.


What is text blast service?

Text blasting service is the practice of using text messages to send marketing campaigns to a large group of customers or subscribers. It is mostly meant to communicate offers and updates in order to drive sales.


What are the advantages of text blast?

Text blasting is an effective marketing tool because texting has by far the best engagement rate out of any marketing medium. Emails can sit unread for days but text messages are almost always read immediately after they’re sent. In fact, 98% of texts are opened compared to just 20-30% for email and 95% of texts are read within three minutes.

Another advantage of sms blast is that it is a permission-based activity. This means that everyone you message has consented to receive your texts. People have to opt in to receive text blast messages and are therefore more receptive to those messages. Furthermore, they are likely to engage with the sender or share the text blast messages with friends, families, and colleagues.


How text blasting works?

First, companies need to sign up for or open an account with a text blast service in order to gain access to the sms blast software. Once logged in, using the interface is as easy as 1…2…3.
Next, you build or import your subscriber list. Then, you create a new sms blast which is usually just a short and simple message. Lastly, you send out your text blast. Text blast can either be sent right away or later.

Within minutes after sending your text blast, your opted-in contacts will receive and read your message. You can monitor delivery rates, open rates, and replies using the interface provided. It can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection.

The opportunities with text or sms blast are beyond limits. Due to technological advancements, SMS marketing service continues to help companies and business owners to foster brand awareness while ensuring customer loyalty.




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