Three Reasons Why SMS Text Blasts are Crucial for Emergencies

SMS Messaging is an ideal way to send out alerts for emergencies. In an emergency, speed is of the essence. Few modes of communication are as quick as text. Text blasts, especially in times of crisis, are vital for getting the critical information out to a large audience. Platforms like ZERIX Text allows companies to broadcast text alerts and reminders. ZERIX simplifies communication, which is crucial during emergencies.

Whatever the emergency may be, a text blast is a great way to prepare people. Providing the right information is critical; it can even be a matter of life or death. Here are some of the reasons SMS is vital during a crisis.

Why Use SMS Text?

1. Useful for the hearing impaired

Text is a great tool to reach the hearing impaired. Emergency text messages can be understood by virtually everyone. SMS is a versatile way to reach a large audience quickly. This includes people who may not hear alarms or have trouble with other modes of communication. Text is easy and straightforward.

2. Can give out needed information

Sending out updates can help to reduce panic by keeping people informed. Panic is the enemy during a crisis and being equipped with vital information can help calm people down. A brief message explaining the basics can go a long way in reducing anxiety. Text can also be used to send out information like proper protocols and steps to ensure safety. Some people may not be able to think on the spot so receiving a text that explains what to do can be useful.

3. Higher chance of the message being read

If you want to be assured that whatever you’re sending will be opened and read, then text is the way to go. SMS messages have a very high open rate of up to 98%. Text blast during an emergency is crucial and since mobile phones have become ubiquitous, is often the only way to reach your audience.

Text also has a higher response rate than other modes like email or social media. This can be useful when you need immediate feedback from the audience. Time is crucial during emergencies and the faster people can receive and send messages, the greater peace of mind for both recipients and senders.


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