Three Ways to Use SMS Data Collection

Text is a versatile tool that is used for quick communication. It’s also a powerful device for collecting data of all kinds. It can be used to host quick surveys and polls or for registration purposes.

Most people use a mobile phone, making SMS is an ideal form of communication. It’s easy, cheap, and efficient. This is why text is being used in other unique ways than just usual text blasts. Companies can use SMS tools like ZERIX Text to create easy to fill out forms with customizable text fields. Users simply just have to enter text into those fields. You will then receive the data they input with no fuss.

Here are some ways you can use SMS data collection:

1. Contact tracing

COVID-19 has brought about some new processes. One crucial change is contact tracing. This has been a practice done by plenty of establishments in order to help control the spread of COVID-19. Some use paper forms while others use digital means to gather data.

Text can also be a tool to get the desired information. Clients simply need to fill a text form with their contact details and their symptoms (if any) through SMS. It’s an easy method for both clients and the businesses. Giving clients options for contact tracing instead of just providing one way can reduce long-lines and ease other hassles.

2. Rating quality of service

SMS can also be used for quick customer satisfaction surveys. It’s a great way to get quick feedback from your clients. Text can be used to send a survey link to the client. Tools like ZERIX Text also allow you to use SMS itself as a form that can be filled out by your clients. If you want to know if they enjoyed their meal or what they thought of your service, SMS surveys are a good option to consider.

3. Polling/voting

If you need quick responses from users, then SMS is the way to go. SMS can be used for polling purposes. Push questions to gather speedy replies and data directly from your clients through text. All they need to do is text using the given keywords with voting options. It’s a fast way to collect data. Text, after all, has a higher response rate than other means like email or social media. SMS also ensures that the information is coming directly from your audience.


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